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Yesterday ULTA had an Urban Decay event to celebrate their 15 year anniversary. At the event I got my makeup done by an UD representative and I fell in love with their line. When I arrived I had a million questions about eye-shadow, foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, etc. The makeup artist was patient and explained it all to me. As she got to know me a little better, she found that the UD Book of Shadows (volume IV) had the best eye-shadows for my skin tone and personality. 

First she applied the the UD Eye-shadow Primer Potion. This stuff is amazing! I wore the eye-shadow for 11 hours and it did not crease or fade. I was trully amazed at how great this primer was. 

Second she applied the eyeshadow. She used a combination of Hijack, Bender, Gravity, Midnight Cowgirl, Sin, and Midnight Rodeo. All of the colors on the pallet blend nicely together. 

After the Eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara were also applied. I really didn’t like the UD eyeliner. After about two hours the eyeliner started sticking with my eyelid and it became quite annoying. The mascara was ok however, I prefer drugstore mascara. 

For my face she used UD TInted Moisturizer (Bulletproof) as a foundation and I was very pleased. My foundation (or moisturizer) was very light weight and looked natural. For extra help around the dark circles, the makeup artist used UD Concealer Pencil (FBI) and it blended nicely with the tinted moisturizer. 

To finish the look she sprayed me with the UD Makeup Settling Spray (All Nigher) and then applied lip gloss (which I forgot the name of). 

Overall UD is a great makeup line for those who are looking for a look that can last all day long or all night long. 


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